Query: Is Pheriba Henby the daughter of Elisha Henby (son of Thomas Henby & Clarkey Parker)?

by | Mar 15, 2014 | 1 comment

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This one is from Michelle Stubbs. She writes:

“Hello, my name is Michelle Stubbs and I believe I may be a descendant of Elisha Henby (son of Thomas Henby and Clarkey Parker).  However, I’m not sure.  I believe that my 4th great grandmother was Pheriba Henby his daughter.  Further, I believe he may have had a sister and at least one niece with the name Pheriba as well.  I’m wondering if you have any information on him.  I am specifically looking for his spouse.  I have no information on her, other than she was not of the same faith.  Any bit of information would helpful.”

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