Researcher Sherry Mirkovic had done extensive research on Rowland Ledbetter and his parentage several years ago. My cousin Mike Morris and I both wound up with a document she had prepared with all of her Rowland data and it strongly suggested that John Ledbetter was Rowland’s father rather than Drury Ledbetter or Henry Ledbetter, both of whom had been previously floated by researchers as Rowland’s possible father. Sherry had also submitted data to the USGenWeb Archives about Rowland, such as this transcription of his Revolutionary War Pension Application.

I’ve found the plat from a land grant that was issued to John Ledbetter in Wake County in 1785, though it was initially requested in 1779, and Rowland is listed as one of the sworn chain carriers on the plat. I think that further strengthens the case that Rowland was the son of John Ledbetter.