Ransom B. Campbell, Emanual Edwards, Elizabeth Edwards & John Fornes, Jr. to John Fornes, Sr. (Pitt, Craven, Beaufort Counties)

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I’m excited about this one! This finally tells me the likely surname of my 5th great-grandmother, Elizabeth, wife of Emanuel EDWARDS of Beaufort County. It appears from this deed that she is probably a FORNES… but I’m still not 100% certain about the identity of her father, although at least this helps me zoom in on a family branch.

She is one of the parties selling land that, “formerly belonged to Thomas Fornes Senr, decd.” Apparently, Thomas FORNES was heir to land in Tennessee belonging to three FORNES men who served in the Revolutionary War — William, John, and Jonathan FORNES. (See information about this below the deed transcription.) 

I would assume this could mean that Thomas Fornes, Senior was either the only surviving brother of William, John, and Jonathan, or perhaps he was another close relative.

The witnesses to the deed were the two oldest children of Emanual and Elizabeth, Thomas and Betsy Edwards. 

Here is my transcription of the deed.

From Pitt County Deed Book AA, p 424

Ransom B. CAMPBELL & others to John FORNES.

This indenture made the eighth day of June one thousand eight-hundred and eleven between Ransom B. CAMPBELL and Emanuel EDWARDS, Elizabeth EDWARDS and John FORNES, Jr. of Craven County and State of North Carolina of the one part, John FORNES Senior of the County and state above mentioned of the other part, witnesseth that the said Ransom B. CAMPBELL, Emanuel EDWARDS, Elizabeth EDWARDS and John FORNES Jnr. for and in consideration of the sum of nineteen pounds currency paid to them in hand the receipt whereof we do hereby acknowledge have granted bargained sold all our parts of a certain tract of land containing two hundred acres be the same more or less lying and being in Pitt County on the north side of Creeping Swamp not far from the Widow CAMPBELL house and land the said land formerly belonged to Thomas FORNES Senr. decd. and we the said Ransom B. CAMPBELL and Emanuel EDWARD and Elizabeth EDWARDS and John FORNES Jnr. have sold all our parts of the said land to John FORNES Senr to him and his heirs for ever we do hereby acknowledge ourselves fully paid and satisfied for the same lands for all our parts we have hereunto set our hands and seals the day and date above written.

Ransom B. CAMPBELL { Seal }
Emanuel ( his X mark ) EDWARDS { Seal }
Elizabeth ( her X mark ) EDWARDS { Seal }
John FORNES { Seal }

Signed & sealed in presence of us

Thomas EDWARDS Jr.
Betsy ( her X mark ) EDWARDS

Below the deed is the typical language about Elizabeth EDWARDS being examined apart from her husband and Ransom B. CAMPBELL and John FORNES, Junr. and that she was selling her part of the land without any coercion.


William Fornes, John Fornes, Jonathan Fornes

From PCGQ Nov 2002. Craven County Misc. Papers, CR 028. 928. 14, Military Papers; NC Archives, Raleigh, NC. Contributed by Roger Kammerer.

Know all men by these presents, that I Thomas FORNES of the County of Craven and State of North Carolina, have constituted made and appointed, and by these presents do constitute make and appoint my loving and trusty friend Asa FONVIELLE of the State of Tennessee my true and lawful Attorney for me and in my name and stead to my use to ask demand, sue for levy recover and receive, all goods wares or merchandize and more especially a tract or tracts of lands and being in the State of Tennessee containing six hundred and forty Acres granted to Thomas FORNES heir to William, John and Jonathan FORNES late continental Soldiers in the Revolutionary War, giving and granting to my said Attorney by these presents my full and whole power strength and authority in and about the premises to have use and take all lawful ways and means in my lawful name for the recovery thereof and upon the receipt of any such debts dues or sums of Money aforesaid acquittances or other sufficient ous charges for me and in my name to do execute and perform as fully largely and amply to all intents and purposes as I myself might or could do if I was personally present, or if the matter required more special Authority than is herein given and attorneys one or more under him for the purpose aforesaid to make and constitute and again at pleasure revoke ratifying and holding firm and effectual all and whatsoever my said Attorney shall lawfully do in and about the premises by virtue hereof it is agreed that my said Attorney shall have one half the profits arising from the Sale or Sales of the aforesaid tracts of lands granted to Thomas FORNES heir of William John and Jonathan FORNES and the said Attorney shall give me the other half In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the 3rd day of March in the year of our Lord eighteen hundred and nineteen

Signed, sealed and delivered Thomas [his T mark] FORNES {Seal}

in presence of }

Charles ROACH

This is the image of the original deed referenced above.

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  1. Bobby Barwick

    Thanks for this post. Elizabeth was my 4th GGrandmother. This gives me something to fill in the blanks on her side of the family.


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