Below I’m transcribing the will of Elias Stallings of Perquimans County in an effort to better understand the relationships between the Rountrees, the Stallings, and the Wallaces (whatever they may be).

Some researchers claim all of Elias Stallings’ children were born to him and Elizabeth Rountree. The problem is, Elias has at least one son (Solomon) that he mentions in his will, which was written in 1778, as not yet being “of age.” That would mean he had to be born after 1757, but that would also mean Elizabeth Rountree couldn’t be that son’s mother because she was dead before 1748 when her father, Thomas Rountree, made his will.

Ok… let’s dig in to transcribing this will…

In the Name of God Amen I Elias Stallings Senr of the Province of North Carolina and County of Perquimons Being in Good Health and Sound and perfect mind and memory at this time thanks be to God for the same and calling to mind the uncertainty of this transitory life and the certainty of Death do make ?? and ordain this for to be my Last Will and testaemnt in manner as followeth & viz ~~~~~

Item. I Give and bequath to my son Elias Stallings two hundred acres of Land lying in Hertford County lying ??? Mill ?? being it more or less also I give to my son Elias Stallings one cow and calf and one gun and other sundry goods which he has in his possession to him and his heirs forever

Item I Give and bequath to son John Stallings the plantation whereon he Now Dwells allso I give to my son John one Cow and Calf and one Gun that he has got in his Possession to him and his heirs for ever

Item I give and Bequeath unto my son Reuben Stallings the plantation that I now live on to him and his heirs and in case he should die without lawful heirs I here do give the sd place to my son Luke Stallings to him and his heirs forever the sd land shall run as far as the dividing line between that I have made bewteen Ruben and Job Stallings allso I give to my son Ruben one gun and one cow and calf and one set of shewmakers tules that he has in his possession to him and his heirs forever ~~~

Item I give and Bequeath ot my son Job Stallings the plantation whereon he Now dwell sand hte land there belonging and one gun and one cow and calf to him and his heires for ever

Item I give and bequeath to my four sons Luke Stallings, Jesse Stallings, Cader Stallings and Solomon Stallings all the right of my ? entry lands

Item I give and Bequeath all the remainder Part of my Swamp Land unto all my sons for the use of timber

cared over

to them and there heres forever

Item I give and Bequeath to son Luke Stallins one gun that he has in possession

Item I give and Bequeath to my son Jesse Stalling one gun

Item I give and Bequeath unto my son Cader Stallings one Gun

Item I give and Bequeath to my son Solomon Stalling one Gun

Item I give and Bequeath unto my daughter Prisylla Stallings one Large Church Bible

Item I give and Bequeath all the remainder part of my estate to be equally divided between Luke Stallings and Jesse Stallings and Cader STallings and Solomon Stallings Elizabeth Web, Mary Colley, Prissylla Stallings, Sary Forehand, Zilpha Lee, and Peninah Stallings and them that has received a true account to be taken as they may be divided on there ?? and it is my desire that my negro coffe shall be hired out at publick sale and the money to be put upon intrest until Solomon comes of age I nominate and appoint my three sons Ruben Stallings and Luke Stallings and Jesse Stallings for to be my hole and sole Executors for to see this my Last Will and Testament fulfilled and Performed Ratifying and Declaring this and no other for to be my Last Will and testament as Witness my hand and seal November 1778.

Elias Stallings

Ezekiel Hollowell
Jacob White


  1. Denise Wilson

    The cycle never ends. Imagine how shocked I was to see the Elias Stallings Will posted. My fiance is a direct descendant of his. We did a lot of work on the Stallings for his Son’s of the Confederacy entry. If you need something I may have it. Thanks for the giggle this morning. Kissin’ Cousins

    • GW Stallings

      It is interesting that a White and Hollowell (Howell) witnessed it. Given the Stallings records are all burned in Nansemond Co VA, this Elias Stallings will may be the ONLY clue to how Stallings descendants shake out from the 3 sons of the English immigrant Nicholas Stallings b 1620 (Nick Jr, Elias and John).. These connections (given some autosomal DNA) seem to indicate the Elias Stallings who died 1763 in Bertie Co NC may be the son of the Elias above. Thank you!

      • Christopher Stallings

        Hey you guys, I’m also researching the Stallings line, from what I’m getting I think Duke Stallings was my 5 th great grandfather ,on my mother’s dad side .I tried to track down as much as I can , the names split , but the round tree name also seems familiar, can you tell me more about this shake out from the immigration

        • Christopher Stallings

          Why did you say it’s interesting that a white and Howell witnessed it

        • Dianne Stallings

          Hi Christopher. Did you mean to write LUKE instead of Duke?
          Whites and Hollowells were land owners and intersected with Stallings quite a bit in that area.

  2. Dianne Stallings

    I don’t have a wife’s name for Luke, but in his will he lists his brothers Jesse and Ruben’s son Mills, sister Presalla’s daughter Rhodah, brothers Job (James Hollowell to live on property for 10 years), John, and Soloman. He also mentions Reuben, Job, Mary Colley’s children, Presallah, Sarah (Chappell), Zilphan Lee’s children, Jesse, Peneah (Hudson) and Soloman. Executor brother Jesse; testators Ann White, James Hollowell, an Elizabeth Hollowell. Will is dated 24 Dec 1798 and filed 21 Apr 1799, Perquimans County.


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