Starling AVERETT, Arpy AVERETT, Clary AVERETT, and Seley AVERETT to Jordan AVERETT (1825) – Pitt County

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Below I have transcribed a deed from four of the heirs of David AVERITT, Sr. They are selling the land they inherited from their father. In his will, David said he had eight children. I think one of the girls below must be using a different name than he used for her in his will, but otherwise, this list, along with the ones named in his will and his son David (who I think is the David who moved to Craven County) would make up the total of eight.

This Indenture made 19th day of January 1825 between Starling AVERETT Arpy AVERETT Clary AVERETT Seley AVERETT of the one part & Jordan AVERETT of the other part all of the County of Pitt and State of North Carolina Witneth we Starling Averett & Arpy Averett & Clary Averett & Seley Averett have bargained & sold all the lands belonging to yous? from the lands of David AVERETT Decd which from Estimation Contains nineteen acres unto Jordan AVERETT for the consideration of thirty Eight Dollars to us in hand paid by the aforesaid Jordan AVERETT of said County and State aforesaid the lands ? ajoining the lands of Sterling Averett and the fifty acres that David Averett left to two of his daughters Nancy wife of Easley ALBERSON Sarah Averett and the said Starling Averett Aspy Averett Clary Averett & Seley Averett do Warrant and Defend all the right and title of said Land for our Selves our heirs & assigns forever from the lawful claims of all persons unto Jordan Averett to him and his heirs forever in Witness where unto we have set our hands & seals this Day & date above mentioned

Sterling Averitt { Seal }
Arpy ( her X mark ) Averett { Seal }
Clary ( her X mark ) Averett { Seal }
Seley ( her X mark ) Averett { Seal }

in presence of us
Wright ( his mark ) TISON

Pitt County February sessions 1825

Then was this deed ? in open Court and proven by the oeath of James Tyre a subscribing Witness thereto Ordered to be registered.

George EVANS Clk


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