Will of Thomas Pollard (Craven County)

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Below, I have transcribed the last will and testament of Thomas POLLARD of Craven County. There is additional material after the actual will, but it is not transcribed. It can be viewed in the images below, though.


Thomas POLLARD, Last Will and Testament

First I give my soul to god and my body to the Earth as it ware to be deasently buried and whan all reasonable charges are paid  —

itm I give to my Daughter Mary WOMWEL (Mary Womble) one Shilling Starling

itm I give to my daughter Jean STEVENS one Shilling Starling

itm I give to my daughter Pollard JARREL (Pollard Jarrell) one Shilling Sterling

itm I give to my son John POLLARD one Shilling Sterling

itm I give to my daughter Patience TAYLER (Patience Taylor) one feathere bed

itm I give to my Daughter Mornen POLLARD (Mourning Pollard) one Shilling Sterling

itm I give to my grandson Aquillah POLLARD a track or persel of Land lying over the timber branch joining Anthony MILLS land juner(?) and if the said Aquilah POLLARD dies without heir that land is my son Thomas POLLARDs land —

itm I give to my son Jacob POLLARD one Shilling Sterling

itm I give to my son Fredrick POLLARD one Shilling Sterling

itm I give to my daughter Nancy POLLARD one feathere bed that is called hers —

itm I give to my daughter Susanah POLLARD one feath bed one hieffer that is called hers —

itm I give and bequeath to my son Thomas POLLARD three hundred and fifteen acres of land lying on the creeping swap the plantation where on I now dwell and a small persel of land lying above joining John TAYLERs (John Taylor’s) land I also give my son Thomas POLLARD one cow one heiffer one horse saddle and bridle —

itm I give to my well beloved wife Memorel POLLARD (Memorial Pollard) the rest of my estate goods and chattles during her life or widowhood and she to live on the plantation til death and the property is left to my wife after her time to be my son Thomas POLLARDs property in Witness here of I have here unto set my hand seal this twenty third day of March one thousand seven hundred an ninty

turn over

Thomas { his T mark } POLLARD {Seal}

Signd seald and Deliverd

In Presents of us

John HILL Junr.
Sarah { her X mark } CLARK


Spouses and children (if known) of the individuals named in the will above are as follows:

  • Memorial POLLARD – Maiden name is reported by many researchers as CAVENAUGH, though I have not independently verified that.
  • Mary POLLARD – married unknown WOMBLE. The WOMBLE family appears to have been predominately in Pitt County. There are a few WOMBLE men who could be candidates for her husband.
  • Jean (or Jane) POLLARD – married unknown STEVENS.
  • Pollard POLLARD – married unknown JARRELL.
  • John POLLARD – married unknown. Son, Frederick POLLARD, moved to Green County, Georgia.
  • Patience POLLARD – married unknown TAYLOR.
  • Mourning POLLARD
  • Aquillah POLLARD – grandson of Thomas POLLARD, Sr., son of Thomas POLLARD, Jr.
  • Jacob POLLARD – b. 18 March 1758 (Craven County, North Carolina), d. 10 AUG 1833 (Vanceboro, Craven County, North Carolina); married Rhoda (UNKNOWN). Jacob names his wife, “Rhody,” and these children in his will:
    • Rachel Pollard 1782–1830 – married Jesse LANCASTER, son of Benjamin LANCASTER and Katie Ann MORRIS
    • Winnefred “Winney” Pollard b. abt 1788 – married Garret JOHNSTON, son of Charles JOHNSTON, Jr. and Ann (UNKNOWN)
    • Barbara Pollard b. abt 1788 – married Henry Cannon SMITH, son of Henry SMITH, III and Sarah ADAMS.
    • Joseph Pollard 1791–1843 – married Penelope SMITH, daughter of Henry SMITH, III and Sarah ADAMS.
  • Frederick POLLARD – married Rachel NELSON, daughter of Eliazer NELSON. It is believed Frederick’s children are: 
    • Jesse Pollard (NV) b. abt. 1787 – married Elizabeth MITCHELL, daughter of James MITCHELL and Mary WARREN.
    • Jacob Pollard b. abt.1788
    • Nancy Pollard b. abt. 1793
    • Hiram Pollard b. abt. (NV) 1794 – married Elizabeth “Betsy” ABRAMS (Bondsman: Frederick CARNEY)
    • John Pollard abt.1795–1870 – m. Nancy HALL, moved to Tennessee.
  • Nancy POLLARD – married Nathaniel NELSON in 1801. Nancy probably died before 1803 because that year, Nathaniel marries Mary “Polly” JOHNSTON.
  • Susannah POLLARD – Never married, died in 1822.
  • Thomas POLLARD – Wife unknown. Son is Aquillah POLLARD, mentioned in the will above.



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