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The Jarrell Family of Craven County, Pitt County, and Beaufort County in North Carolina

This file will not be an exhaustive record of Jarrell/Gerrell-related research for Craven, Pitt, and Beaufort Counties, but it will include as many items as I have in my own files, as I am able to add them.

From Craven County Deeds

Henry JARRELL to Hugh PUGH (31 Mar 1764) – £30. 100 acres. Where Joseph GAD formerly lived, W. side Clay Root Swamp. Witnesses: David BELL, James LANE, Jacob BLOUNT.

Obediah ROUNTREE to William JARRELL (27 Nov 1783) – £150. 200 acres. S. side Swifts Creek, “joining Baybush Pocoson and said Creek including CHARLTONs improvements.” Witnesses: Luis GARRALE (Lewis JARRELL), Sabra GARRALE (Sabra JARRELL). [Note: There were two deeds between Obediah ROUNTREE and William JARRELL in same area with same witnesses.]

Lewis JARRELL to John SMITH (27 Dec 1804) – £100. 100 acres. N. side of Neuse, W. side Great Branch, joining Edward BRYAN’s line, N. to Thomas ANDERSON’s line…. Witnesses: Reuben GARDNER, Benjamin GWALTNEY.

Jacob POLLARD to Reuben JARRELL (1 May 1833) – $50. 98 acres. N. side of Pollard’s Swamp, head of Great Branch, adjoining JARRELL’s own land, at John TAYLOR’s second corner, then N. 80, E 230 poles to a pine TAYLOR’s corner, N. 5, W. 80 poles, to Pitt County line, now Beaufort County line, then S. 72, W. 240 poles to MILLS line then with MILLS line to the beginning. Part of a patent granted to Thomas POLLARD on 24 Oct 1782. Witnesses: Osborn CLARK, Joseph POLLARD.

Reuben JARRELL to Thomas BUCK (3 July 1840) – $90. 98 acres. N. side Pollard’s Swamp, head of Great Branch, adjoining BUCK’s own land. Land was part of patent granted to John TAYLOR and William FORNES. Witnesses: Osborn CLARK, Joseph POLLARD.

John B. DAWSON to Reuben JARRELL (10 Jan 1842) – $150. 170 acres. N. side Swift Creek, N. side Pollard’s Swamp, joining lands of Jacob POLLARD, dec’d, Nancy KING, and Reuben JARRELL. Tract of land was purchased at Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions by John B. DAWSON August 1826. Land was levied on and sold as property of William MILLS, which fell to him from his father, John MILLS’s estate, which he had purchased from John TAYLOR. Witnesses: John A. CRISPIN, Joseph POLLARD.

Reuben JARRELL to Joseph POLLARD (14 Jan 1842) – $350. 150 acres. Edge of Pollard’s Swamp, runs S. 80°, W w/ Thomas BUCK’s, 160 poles to a line formerly (Nancy?) KINGs but now William FORNES, then back to Joseph POLLARD’s line. Witnesses: John McKINNEY, Turner POLLARD.

From Pitt County Deeds

Thomas COOMES to William GERALD (JARRELL). (1762) £10. 100 acres. Indian Well Swamp. Witnesses: John SIMPSON, Isaac MILLS.

William GERALD (JARRELL) to Isaac MILLS. (1763) £30. Indian Well Swamp. (Very difficult to read.) Witnesses: John SIMPSON, (?) MILLS.

William and Susannah GARRALE (JARRELL) (of Craven Co.) to GARALE, David (of Beaufort Co.). (1767) Two deeds (£25/111 acres; £20/50 acres), both conveying land on E. side Clay Root Swamp to David GARALE (JARRELL). Witnesses: James JONES, William TRAVIS.

David GARRALL (JARRELL) to Isaac BUCK. (1768) £10?/50 acres; £90/107. Two deeds, both conveying land on E. side Clay Root Swamp, mentions Thomas SUTTON, John PAINE’s patent. Witnesses: (First deed) James () AVERETT, James Apolis? (X) AVERETT; (Second deed):

Henry JARRELL to Daniel WILSON. (1778) £20. 50 acres. S. side Clay Root Swamp. Witnesses: Shadrich SUTTON (Shadrach SUTTON), Willis WILSON.

Jacob JARRELL to William GERALD (William JARRELL). (9 July 1788) 100 acres. W. side Creeping Swamp. Witnesses: Benjamin VENTERS, James CAMPBELL

William JARRELL to James CAMPBELL. (29 Dec 1788) S. side Tar River, N. side Swift’s Creek, W. side Creeping Swamp. Mentions PUTNELL’s line, FORNES’s line, CAMPBELL’s line. Witnesses: John POLLARD, James POLLARD.

Shadrach TAYLOR to Jacob GERRALD (JARRELL). (1790) “For and in Consideration of the 100 Barrels of Tar?”. Mouth of Great Branch, Creeping Swamp. Witnesses: Thomas Phillips, John GATLIN.

Levi GATLIN to Elisha JARRELL. (1792) £10. 50 acres. Patented by Jacob JARRELL, E. side Swift Creek Swamp, upper side Creeping Swamp, beginning at dividing line between William JARRELL and Jacob JARRELL.Witnesses: John POLLARD, John TYLER.

Jacob JARRELL to Benjamin VENTERS. (13 Oct 1794) S. side Tar River, N. side Creeping Swamp. Witnesses: Henry SMITH, Hannah SMITH.

Jacob JARRALD (Jacob JARRELL) to VENTERS, Benjamin. (1795) £15. 50 acres. N. side Swift Creek, W. side Creeping Swamp, mentions PUTNALL’s line on W. side Deep Branch, James CAMPBELL’s line, Simon TAYLOR’s line. Witnesses: Joseph VENTERS, Henry SMITH)

William GERELD (William JARRELL) to Lewis WILLIAMS (said to be son of Christian TEEL). (28 Oct 1762). £36. 100 acres. N. side of Little Conteney Creek, joining James BLOUNT’s line. Land was part of 400 acre patent by Joseph JACKSON, then 100 acres sold to James GERALD, then it was inherited by his son, the said William GERELD. Witnesses: Shadrach ALLEN, Edward CANNON, John PRISE (?), Sr.

Gideon PETTIT to Amos PETTIT. (1818) $250. 83 acres. W. side Indian Well Swamp, running NW to a pine 135 poles, then N 90 poles, then S. 48° E. to said swamp, thence with meanders of said swamp to first station. Deed mentions that land used to belong to Thomas Coomes (by grant), then it was conveyed to William JARRELL. Witnesses: Henry SMITH, Joseph COX.

From RevWarApps.org

Revolutionary War Pension Application for Hugh Pugh JARRELL

From Records of Craven County, North Carolina Volume One (Elizabeth Moore)

Sales of the Estates of Ephraim Lane and Sarah Lane

Account sales of the Estate of Ephraim Lane, deceased, sold the twenty first September One Thousand Seven Hundred and Seventy Four, returned by John Bryan, Sheriff. (Abstracted)


William Taylor, Moses Taylor, James Perkins, Ignatious Wadsworth, Mrs. Lane, Charles Acklin, John Pearce, John Gooding, William Shute, Farnifold Green, William Garret, Andrew Watts, William Slade, Thomas Wingate, John White, Francis Fonvielle, William Jarrell, Richard Blackledge, Peter Gilstrap, William Bryan, Thomas Cox, William Hill, John Arnold, William Green, Jeremiah Loftin, James Stephenson, John Chariton, Silas Stephenson, Samuel Slade, Thomas Pryor, Samuel Lambeth, Thomas Prescot, Hardy Bryan, Evin Swan, James Band, Frederick Heath, John Clements, Richard Teer.

Further sales of said Estate in January A, D. 1776:


John Jones, Frederick Heath, William Bryan, Hardy Bryan, John Chance, Josiah Holt, William Herritage, Mary Heath, John Holloway, John Chariton, Jos. Holt, William Russell, John Gooding, Stephen Slade, Thomas Pryor, Edward Gatlin, William Totewine, James Stephenson, James Perkins, Thomas Tyre, Jonathan Allen, James MacCafferty, William Gwaltnea, James Carmack, James Conner, F. Green, Owen Daughety, Shadrach Loftin, Samuel Pierson, George Row, Samuel Pryor, Samuel West, William Coy, Francis Fonvielle, Anne Totewine, J. Green, William M. Herritage

Sale of the Estate of Sarah Lane, deceased, sold the ninth day of January, 1777:


Charles Ingram, Mrs. Heath, Joseph Green, William Bryan, Thomas Loftin, William McCoy, Blake Canton, Robert Hightower, John Slade, Capt. Tyre, Samuel Pryor, Samuel West, John Chariton, Thomas Wingate, Mrs. Flybus, Benjamin Lambeth, Mrs. Vance, William Totewine, John Vance, William Herritage, Evin Swan, William Bryan (to use of chair wheels twice to Cape Fear), William Carman, John Goodin, Sharp Cooper, Thomas Tyre, Philip Neal.

From Craven County, North Carolina Volume I — Deeds, Wills, Inventories 1749 – 1777  (Abstracted by Dr. Stephen Bradley)

616-(349) Will of William (W) Peters 10 Jul 1760 Of Craven Co. to my daughter Elizabeth Peters – my best feather bed & furniture. To my son Joseph Peters – 1 feather bed & furniture; 120 acres on Hogg Swamp; the plantation & land where I now dwell; also part of a tract on the creek side above the plantation where I now dwell. All the residue of my estate to be sold & the money then divided among all my surviving children. Ex. my son Joseph Peters. Wit: Henry (H) GerrellBenjam (x) Gerroll, John Willson

630-(360) Sale of the goods & chattels of William Peters dec’d. Buyers named:

  • John Allen
  • Frans Davis
  • James Lain
  • Benjamin Peters
  • Jacob Blount esqr
  • Henry Harrell
  • James Laine
  • Elizabeth Peters
  • Thomas Browning
  • Joseph Jack[torn]
  • Solomon Lewis
  • John Peters
  • Edward Cannon
  • Henry Jarrell
  • Thomas Mosely
  • Joseph Peters
  • Henry Cannon
  • William Kill Patrick
  • Menoah Patrick
  • John Williams
  • John Causway
  • John Lahon
  • Alexander Patterson
  • Robt Williams
  • Aaron Cox

From Pitt County Genealogical Quarterly, November 2000, p. 3

Letter of Sary TAYLOR, 1783
Sect. of State Correspondence, SS 25, NC Archives.

Sir I have Sent Mr. Garrald [Ed note: Possibly William JARRELL, whose name was often spelled GARRALD.] to you with the money To beg you would not fail To Enter a Caveat against William TAYLERS Senr. grant Comming out of your office for 200 acres of Land lying on the East Side of great Clay Root Swamp Joining James apollis AVERYS Line in pitt County for I am to have a Tryal in Court for the Land for my Little Son Emmanuel TAYLER whose father Was lost in the War in the Defence of his Country and it appeers that the Land is his Right and in So doing you Will oblige your very humble 

Servt Sary TAYLER Widow
July the 7th 1783
Pitt County


From Craven County North Carolina Volume II — Deeds, Wills, Inventories 1742 – 1801  (Abstracted by Dr. Stephen Bradley)

164-(241) Deed from James( )Hales of Craven Co to John Causey of same. 3 Nov 1760. £13 pro-clamation. 113 acres which was part of a parcel of land, on the south side of Swifts Creek, joining James Jarrell. Wit: Thomas( )Moore, Francis Griffess. Proved Oct Ct 1761 before Peter Conway C.C.




  1. Celeste

    My ancestors are Jarrell’s from Halifax Littleton Thelma Roanoke Rapids North Carolina..My DNA is made up of the fabric of America European, African and Native American. Any Jarrell assistance will be greatly appreciated I took the ancestry DNA test the results support my DNA and that Iam a Jarrell


      not sure of much help but i’am a Jarrell. trying to get some info on Levi L. Jarrell. Born in N.Carolina 1820. moved to Georgia at unknown date. Both Parents supposed to have Born in Virgina

      • Sara Whitford

        I’m curious about your Jarrell who moved to Georgia. Do you know about when they moved there and to what county they moved?

        • CG Jarrell

          Sorry about long delay if you get this. Levi L. married a woman in Russell Co. Alabama, Nancy Moore. I Think about 1843. He show up in Rockdale and Newton co. Ga in the 1860’s. Married Elizabeth Hammock, son Andrew Jackson Jarrell, Moved to Griffin Ga

  2. Johnny W Piver Jr

    2022 8 16 I am Johnny Webber Piver Jr of the Tabor City, NC clan, living now in Elkin, NC. Reuben Jarrell (aka: Jerrold, Gerold. etc.) born 1801 Craven County, NC. Father is listed as Charles Henry Jarrell Jr born 1775 Craven County, NC. Is this correct? Reuben Jarrell had a son, Edwin (Wallace) Jarrell born 8/11/1844 in Beaufort County, NC. The Craven, Beaufort is one and the same at one point I was told. Thank you for any input. Edwin Wallace Jarrell is my great grandfather on Paternal side. (There was a name game going on) All is good. Thank you for anything you can shed light on. God Bless you.

    • Phil

      Hi Johnny, I too am a Jarrell. Reuben the son Edwin is my branch. Please give me a ring if you can.
      Philip Jarrell 530 222-8611

      • JohnnY Piver

        Phillip Jarrell, saw message. will call soon.

        • Phil

          Sorry I missed your call today.. Contact me again Johnny. Could not make out your phone number.


          Phil Jarrell


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