Talbot WILLIAMS Estate Records

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The following items are from the estate records of Talbot Williams of Craven County.

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Inventory and account of Sales of the property of Tabbert Williams decd. sold by Joseph Williams Exector. May 22nd 1830

Articles  Purchaser’s Names  $ ¢s 
Negroe Woman
Perry Lene & Spencer
William Gardner 302 00
 Negroe Girl Viney  Parmer Cannon 130 00
 one cow & calf  Nancy Williams 9 10
 ” speckled cow & calf  Patrick M Bryan 6 25
 ” Brended Heiffer  John Morris 4 50
 ” white back Heiffer  Patrick M Bryan 4  12½
 ” Brinded Bull  John Sutton 2 00
 ” Sow & Shotts? Patrick M Bryan 3 25
 ” Woolen Wheel Patrick M Bryan 85
 ” Linen do-  John Sutton 20
 ” Grind Stone & Wheel  Nancy Williams 1 40
 ” Loom  John P. Smith 1 00
 ” box trumpery Alfred Chapman 75
 ” Lot Hoes John Sutton 55
 ” Lot plains John Morris 50
 ” Cross cut saw John P. Smith 67
 ” Shot Gun Nath. Williams 1 80
 ” pine table James Roach 55
three slays Alfred Chapman 1 40
One pair Cartwheels John Sutton 30
5 chairs Widow 03
amt carried over 478 22½
amt Brot over 478 22½
one Lot tin ware Jesse Harrington 25
 ” Table Aron Atkinson 13
 ” Linen Wheel John P. Smith 2 00
 ” jug Widow 32
 ” blues? Alfred Chapman 10
 ” Looking glass Widow 10
 ” Bed Stead David McKinney 70
 ” Lot barrels John Morris 10
 ” Dutch Oven Nancy Williams 50
 ” Jug Federick Butler 05
 ” 1 Chest John Sutton 15
 ” Iron wedge John P. Smith 25
” Razor & strap Joseph Williams 10
 ” Ox Yoke Ellick Wiggins 05
 ” spade William Morris 40
 ” Pot William Gardner 60
Amt 484 02½

Laban Morris & Wife vs. Joseph Williams, Exr. of Talbot Williams

State of North Carolina }
Craven County }

Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions Aug Term 1830 —

To the Worshipful the Justices of the Court of Pleas and Quarter sessions for the County of Craven; — The petition of Laban Morris and Kitty his wife, respectfully sheweth unto your Worships that Talbot Williams late of the County of Craven, in the day of 1820, departed this life, leaving a last will and testament, and therein appointed and constituted Joseph Williams and Zachariah Williams, Executors thereof. And your Petitioners further Sheweth unto your Worships that the said Talbot Williams after giving several legacies by his last will & testament aforesaid disposes of certain of his property as follows viz. “I lend unto my loving wife Nancy Williams my negro woman Mary & her increase, and all my stock of all sorts, and all my farming tools, & tools of every description, and all my household and kitchen furniture, except what I have above mentioned, to her during her natural life, or widowhood, and at the death of my wife, I leave my negro woman Mary & her increase if any and all my stock of all sorts, and all my tools of all sorts, and all my household and kitchen furniture I leave to be sold, and the money that arises from the sale of said property, to be Equally divided between my son William Williams, and my four daughters that is Kitty Morris (your petitioner) & Sarah Cox & Nancy Williams, Mary Williams,” as well more fully appear by reference to said last will and testament a copy which of is hereunto annexed and which your Petitioners pray may be taken as a part of this their petition. Your Petitioners further shew unto your Worships, that at the June Term 1820, of this Worshipful Court, the said last Will and testament of Talbot Williams, was duly admitted to probate, and that Joseph Williams, one of the Executors therein mentioned, alone appeared and qualified as Executor thereof, and by virtue thereof possessed himself of he personal estate and effects of the said testator, to an amount and value greatly more than sufficient to pay and satisfy his funeral expenses, just debts and legacies. Your Petitioner further shew unto your Worships, that Nancy Williams, the Widow of said Talbot Williams, by deed of release Executed and delivered the 25th day of April 1830 to Joseph Williams and Zachariah Williams Executors of the said Talbot Williams did thereby relinquish & release her life estate in and to the property of every description, saving and Excepting a few articles of small value, bequeathed to her by the last will and testament of her said husband Talbot Williams, the better to enable the said Executors, to pay over to those entitled in remainder after the death or widowhood of the said Mary [Nancy] (among whom is your Petitioner Kitty) according to said Will, which will more fully appears by reference to said deed of release, and which your Petitioners likewise pray may be taken and regarded as part of this their petition. Your Petitioners further shew unto your Worships that the said Joseph Williams, Executor as aforesaid upon the Execution of said release took into his possession, negro woman Mary and her four children Viney, Perry, Louisa and Spencer, being the negro woman & her increase bequeathed as aforesaid, to the said Nancy Williams during her life or widowhood, together with a larger number of stock, farming utensils, and household & kitchen furniture & other articles and exposed the same to public sale, which by the Contrivances and devices of the said Joseph Williams, did not bring their adequate value, received the proceeds arising from said sale, and has failed and refused to pay over to your Petitioners the proportion or any part of the proceeds of said sale, to which they are entitled by virtue of the will of the said Talbot Williams, and has refused to account, and concerning the same with your Petitioners, or touching or concerning the residue of the estate of his testator which remained undisposed of at his death and was not ?? in the payment of his funeral expenses, just debts & legacies — Your Petitioners further shew unto your Worships that in and by the last will and testament of the said Talbot Williams, they are entitled to one fifth of the Monies arising from the sale as aforesaid, and to one eight of the residue undisposed of by said last will and testament your Petitioner Kitty being one of the children of the said Talbot Williams. Your Petitioners therefore pray your worships that an account may be taken under the directions of this Worshipful Court of the personal estate and effects of the said testator Talbot Williams possessed by or come to the hands of the said defendant Joseph Williams or any other person or persons by his order or for his use; and that an account may be taken of the said debts and funeral expenses of the testator Talbot Williams, together with an account of the value of the negroes and other property, Exposed to sale, as aforesaid by the said Joseph Williams , and of the proceeds of said sale, and that the said Joseph Williams may answer the previous and that whatever may be due to your Petitioners from the estate of the said Talbot Williams as aforesaid may be decreed to be paid to your Petitioners, and that your Worships would grant such other relief to your Petioners as the nature of their case may require. And your Petitioners will ever pray &c. — James M. Bryan, Solr. [Solicitor]

Nancy Williams — Release of Life Estate

State of North Carolina }
Craven County }

Know all men by these presents that I, Nancy Williams, widow of Talbot Williams, do hereby bargain, sell, give, grant, release, relinquish, & deliver unto Joseph Williams & Zachariah Williams, Executors of the last will and testament of said Talbot Williams decd. all the estate right, title, and interest, Which I have as legatee, or devisee, of said Talbot Williams, My late husband, consisting of my life estate in and to the property of Every description, bequeathed to me, in said will, Excepting one feather bed & furniture, & one mare and one Iron pot & pot hoooks & one Shear (?), which I reserve to myself all the rest of said property, I deliver to them as Executors, aforesaid, so as to enable them to devise and sell the same according to said will. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this the 25th day of April 1830. —

Nancy ( X ) Williams { Seal }

In presence of
John Chapman
James Anderson

Answer of Joseph Williams, filed Nov 1830

The Answer of Joseph Williams in and to the Petition of Laban Morris & Wife Kitty.

This defendant having and reserving to himself all benefit of exception to the many ??? in Petitioners petition for answer to so much as he is advised is material further? to make answer to saith that he admits that Talbot Williams departed thi slife as stated that he left a last will and testament which was proven, that he appointed the Executors named, that this defendant alone qualified that the Testator bequeathed as set forth his property to his Wife for life then to be divided as stated. That the said legacy was ape?? to by defendant as executor and enjoyed by the Widow af.said Testator until the 25 April 1830 when she made and delivered unto the Executors the release set forth and referenced to upon which the defendant took into his possession to the property remaining and which ??? grant release and pursuant to the direction of his Testator having first duly advertised, sold the same at public vendue to the highest bidder at six months credit on the 22nd May 1830 in the presence of the distributors & Legatees & others representing them of the Testator and returned this account thereof to the Office of the Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions where the same remain on file & this defendant by leave to annex hereto a certified copy of the same. This defendant further saith that if the property did not sell for its full value (which he does not admit) it was not by any contrivances or consent of his that the sale was made after due notice in a public place & in the presence of the legatees among whom was the petitioner Laban and his son who claimed his share.

This defendant denies that he has ever refused to pay over to petitioners their share, but on the contrary that the property had by law to be sold on a credit of six months, that the notes which he took for the same will not be due until the 22d day of November 1830 and that he offered to pay petitioners their share of said legacy in the notes but that they refused to receive the same. This defendant denis that any of the estate of his testator in which the petitioners have an interest ever came to his hands but what has been duly accounted for, except that herein before mentioned which he is now ready to account for in notes & which he will be ready to account for in money when the said notes become due & are collected. This defendant further saith that he understands and believes and believing ? charges that Petitioners or one of them have heretofore assigned to their son John Morris all the interest, right & title they had in and to said Legacy & of this assignment this def’t begs leave to avail himself as above to their plantiff suit. And this defendant further saith that it is apparent on plaintiff own shewing that there are others interested in the subject matter of this Suit not parties to their Petition of Petitioners who ought in law to be made parties of this he begs ??? to have the same advantage as though he had in ?? manner demured to the plaintiffs petition and he prays to be hence dismissed with his reasonable ?? in this behalf?? unjustly sustained without that &C.

Geo. S. Attmore
for def.

State of North Carolina
Craven County

The defendant Joseph Williams maketh oath that the facts herein set forth of his own knowledge are true and there otherwise set forth he believes to be true —

Joseph X Williams

Sworn to & transcribed
Novr 8. 1830
J.G. Stanly

Resolution of Dispute

Laban Morris & Wife
Joseph Williams, Exr.
of Talbot Williams

It is hereby agreed by and between the parties to this suit, that the same shall be dismissed, and that the Plaintiffs shall pay all the costs, incident to this suit, already incurred, Except the fee taxed, for the Defendant’s attorney which said fee it is agreed shall be paid by the defendant himself.

Laban [   ] Morris
Joseph [ X ] Williams

Jany 14 1831
J.G. Stanly


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