Clark/Bexley Query

by | Aug 17, 2016 | 2 comments

This query comes from Bettye Nesmith:

Does anyone have any information about William Clark who married Chloe Bexley and later moved to Georgia?

If you have information, please comment below. Thank you!


  1. John F Speight

    A David Lewis leaves five shillings proclamation money to this daughter Cloe Bexley in his 1771 Craven County will on Familysearch. She may have remarried a William Clark although I could find no marriage record to substantiate this in Craven County. I do know Simon Bexley and some of his sons moved to either Wilkes or Greene County Georgia around 1800 – 1810. The Bexley males are listed in a militia petition. The Bexley, Dawson, Respess, and Speight families are related. Thanks and have a pleasant day.

  2. Sabrina Mcguire

    The Clarks wound up in Marion County, Alabama and died here. I am unsure of where they are buried. They may have followed one of their sons, Jasper, to Alabama. He is buried at what was once Clark Cemetery, now Fulton Bridge Baptist Church. Jasper’s family was large and many descendants are buried at Fulton Bridge. I am the 7th generation from William and Chloe. If you have anymore info about them, please let me know!


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