Craven County School Census – 12th District – Heads of Household & Children (1840?)

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I’ve been working on organizing my seemingly endless genealogy files lately, and came across images I had taken of microfilm (or microfiche?) at the Craven Regional Library back in 2011. Unfortunately, I didn’t note the reels these came from, but I’m including the images at the bottom of this page, along with a transcription immediately below.

Based on the fact that I also took a series of images that immediately followed this that comprised the 1841 School Census and the 1842 School Census, I’m thinking this might have been 1840, although I’d welcome any information from anyone who might know specifically what year this covers.

This list is different than other lists in that it actually names the heads of the families along with the children they enrolled.

In conformity with the twelfth section of an act of the General Assembly for the Establishment and better regulation of Common Schools we find you the annexed list of the names of the children in the twelfth district of the? schools of Craven County.

Heads of Families Children’s Names
John Morriss Thomas Mason Williams
. Mary Morriss
. Margaret Morriss
. Jesse John Oliver Morriss
William Morriss William Morriss
. Lovey Chapman
John Norriss Mary Norris
. Sally Norris
. Nancy Norris
Southy Witherington Spicer Witherington
. Ellenor Witherington
. Vine Allen Witherington
. Clarissa Witherington
Wm Franks Patsey Ann Franks
Reuben Anderson Elias Anderson
Wm Glover Nathan Glover
. Elizabeth Glover
. Charles Glover
Jesse Ward John Ward
. Lovey Ward
Heads of Families Children’s Names
Mrs. Mary Wiggins Frederic Wiggins
. Joseph Wiggins
. Mary Wiggins
John McAfferty Thomas McAfferty
. Mary McAfferty
. Southy McAfferty
. Elizabeth Jane McAfferty
. William Henry McAfferty
. Alice Ann McAfferty
Charles Anderson Lucretia Anderson
Catharine Anderson
Patsey Laughinghouse Mary Ann Laughinghouse
. Martha Jane Laughinghouse
Amon Joiner Franklin Joiner
. Clarissa Joiner
. x Alex Wilcox
John Murry George Murray
William Ward Thomas Ward
. Mary Ward
. Betsey Jane Ward
. Sally Ann Ward
Joshua Griffin Margaret Ann Griffin
Wm McIntosh (blurry) Wm Henry McIntosh
Zech Fillingem Benjamin Fillingem
. Nancy Fillingem
Henry Anderson Elisha Ann Anderson
Page 3
Heads of Families Children’s Names
Isaac Anderson Henry Anderson
. Robert Cox
Henry Smith John Smith
. Sam’l Smith
. Sally Francis Smith
. Augusta Smith
. Ann Susan Smith
. Loatha Smith
Enoch Avritt James Avritt
Spicer Lane Thomson G Lane
. Rufus Willie Lane
. Mason Lane
. Mary Lane
. Jane Lane
. Spicer Heath
. Nancy White
Enoch Anderson Nancy Anderson
. Jennet Anderson
. Elisha Anderson
. Lewis Anderson
. Thomas Anderson
. Mary Anderson
Isaac Wingate Ann Anderson
. Caroline Wingate
. Frederic Bryan Wingate
Nancy Brown Harriet Brown
. James Brown
Page 4
Heads of Families Children’s Names
B E Dudley Margaret Dudley
. Christopher Dudley
. Ann Elizabeth Dudley
. George Bryan Dudley
Joseph Tyer Asa Tyer
. Mary Ann Tyer
. Wilson B Tyer
. Martha Tyer  81

The above list we believe to be correct.

Bishop E. Dudley }
Henry Anderson }

Commissioners(? – illegible)

Craven County - 12th District School Census - p1

Page 1

Page 2

Page 2

Craven County - 12th District School Census - p3

Page 3

Page 4

Page 4


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