James Roach allows for a school house to built on his land in Swift Creek, Craven County

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While organizing stacks of old documents that I’ve photocopied from various archives over the years, I found this little gem.

It’s a statement written by James Roach of Swift Creek, Craven County in 1834 agreeing that a school should be built for the neighborhood, and allowing it to be build on his land.

I’m wondering if anyone has anything further to verify that this school was, in fact, built on Mr. Roach’s land. Regardless, I’m sure his descendants would be pleased to see their forebear concerned himself with the education of children.

State of N. Carolina }
Craven County         }    Know all men by these Presents that I James Roach of the County and State aforesaid do hereby covenant & agree with all and every Person belonging to the neighborhood of Swift Creek in the Same County and State aforesaid and do hereby agree with the same that if the Aforesaid citizens of be Proper to build a house for the Purpose of a School on my Land on the Greenville road to the North of Charles Butlers they may do so with and by my priviledge and consent which house from myself my heirs and assigns shall at all times be kept for the Aforesaid named purpose and every free to the builders of the Same.

October 13th 1834   }    James Roach


James Roach gives permission for Swift Creek school house to be built on his land in Craven County, NC

[The above document was found in the Mary B. Buck Collection, No. 83 in the East Carolina Manuscript Collection at J.Y. Joyner Library, East Carolina University, Greenville, N.C.]


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