Roger MONTAGUE Records

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The following items are excerpted from Beaufort County, North Carolina Deed Book I, 1696-1729: Records of Bath County, North Carolina by Allen Hart Norris. You can purchase this book for only $25 from the Beaufort County Genealogical Society.

23 Sept 1701 – Will and Testament of Richard Collins of Bath Co.

Legatees: Edmon Parse son of Joseph Parse [Peirce] cow & calf; Ann Nelson – cow & calf; John Bunting – 2 guns; Roger Mountterey [Montague] – remainder of my estate.

Wit: Edward Pitt, Joseph (+) Holebrook, Thomas Peirce

Roger Montague records a cow & calf & their increase, the gift of the Hon. Henderson Walker, for Roger Montague, Jr. The cow is marked by a crop in the right ear and over bit in the left with a slit. The heifer is marked by two crops and a hole in the right ear. 18 Nov 1702. Roger Montague records a heifer for Sarah Montague, marked by a crop in the right ear and an over bit in the left with a slit in the left ear. 18 Nov 1702.


Roger Montague sells to John Brice of VA part of a land entry on Matchapongo river beginning at a small run and running up the river to James Nevill’s entry. 11 May 1702. Roger (R) Montague. Test: Simond Ffoscue, Nicholas Daw. Ack in Ct at house of Mr. William Barrow. 5 Jan 1702/3 by Roger Montague and Nicholas Daw, attorney for Susanna Montague. Test: Levi Truewhitt, Cot Clk.



Charles Hopton to Roger Montague both of Bath Co NC for a valuable consideration, a land entry of 640 acres on east side of Matchapongo River, called King Charles Town, on the river and creek. 30 Oct 1704. Charles Hopton. Wit: Richard Batchalor, Charles Hopton. Ack at Ct 22 Jan 1704/5


Roger Montague, planter of Bath Co sold to Richard Silvester land entry in Matchapongo River called King Charles Town. 2d Jan 1704/5. Roger (R) Montague. Wit: John Proctor, Levi Truewhitt. Ack in Ct 2nd Jan 1704/5. Levi Truewhitt.


Richard Collins decd. Account of debts by Rodger Montague: 3 appraisers 2 days per piece 15s, 3 summons for sd appraisers 5s, probate & recording 5s, recording his death 1s, 2 summons to make oath to the will 2s, sheriff for executing them 1s 8d, their oaths in court 8d, making up the book accounts 2s 6d, proving the will & recording 1s, order for appraisers 1s inventory and recording 2s 5d, swearing 3 appraisers 1s, funeral charges 5£, Capt Blount per order of Mr Long 8s, Nicholas Daw 8s, Alex McFarlane per order of Ct 1£ 4s, Pr Pearce for a canoe 17s, Archibald Mackarel 10s, Jon Watson for 2 pairs of shoes 10s, Esther Brooks for 1 pair of shoes 5s, myself & horse 14 days after cattle 1£ 7s, a pair of shoes for Joseph Holbrook 10s, 2000 poles at 6 pr m 12s, gun lock 7s 6d, barrel of Mr Duckinfield 3s 9d, barrel of Tho Cooper 3s 9d, writing of the will 10s, Mr Dearham upon Duckinfields account 18s, 1 gallon of rum at John Watson’s marriage 10s, Ed Gantling pair of shoes 5s, Mr Duckinfield 1£ 12s, Indian Will for taking up cattle 10s, James Welsh bringing a cow & heifer 10s, 6 pair of shoes wanting in Mr Duckinfields account 1£ 10s, drawing up the accounts 2s 6d, Evidence fees 11s 8d; per order of Ct: Mr Chevin 2£ 11s 7d, Mr Edmund Pearce 1£ 10s, John Nelson 12s. Total £25 17s 1d.

Inventory & appraisal of Collins’ estate: parcel of old tobacco 12s 6d, bed tic & bolsters 1£ 10s, old chest 8s, old blue blanket 3s, 5 glass bottles 1s, jacket & bible 1£, parce of old clothes 2£, old shirt 8s, one horse & plantation laborer 5£, old mare & colt 3£, old canoe 3£, very old cow & calf 1£, 2 young cows & calves 3£ 15s, 2 cows & calves more 4£, 2 heifers 2£, little bull & steer 1£. Total value £28 18s 2d. Sworn to by appraisers: William Barrow, Thomas Peirte [Peirce], Wm Winn. 22 Nov 1701.



Roger Montague with consent of wife Susannah to Richard Batchelor, all of Bath Co NC for consideration rec’d 200 acres on little creek running between Mr Nicholas Daw and the sd land, the upper side binding upon the lower side of Jon Brights, W side Matchapongo River. 4 July 1704. Roger (R) Montague. Wit: Nicholas Daw, John Proctor. Ack in Ct at house of Mr William Barrow 1st Tuesday in July by Roger Montague. Callingwood Ward, Cot Clk.


Pamlico. Roger Montague Esq, Planter of Matchapongo Precinct with consent of wife Susannah to Richard Harvey, Planter for 4, 250 acres now in possession of sd Montague, on N. Dividing Creek; beg at pine at head of little Tarkill Creek, running east to Roger Montague’s head line, down westerly on Archibald Holmes line, running down the creek to 1st. 9th Sep 1706. Roger (R) Montague. Wit: James Welsh, Samll Norton. Ack Bath Ct 1 Oct 1706. Levi Truewhitt, County Clk.


Pamtico 3 Nov 1708. Roger Montague assigns to John Squire for a valuable consideration, a tract of land up Severon Creek in Matchapongo River. Roger Montague. Wit: Samll Norton. Ack in Ct at Bath Town 5 Jan 1708/9. Levi Truewhitt, Cot Clk.


Indenture 1 Apr 1718, 4th year of King George, between John Wingate and John Lawson, planter, both of Hyde Precinct Bath Co. Wingate to Lawson for £19 sterling 310 acres in Hyde Precinct on N side Pamtico River and S side of the Dividing Creeks at head of Roger Monteags Creek at pine, running down Samuel Mettums head line, N80’W160p to pine being his [corner] tree on the head of Isaac Jacksons Creek, N30’W78p to pine, N45’W330p to the center of three trees on Roger Monteagues Creek, along creek to 1st. Lately purchased of the Lords Proprietors by patent 1 July 1717 AD. John Wingate. Wit: John Hatton, J White.


John Lawson, planter of Hyde Precinct Bath Co to Edward Stafford, cooper of same £20 current specie of NC 310 acres in Hyde Precinct on the South of the Dividing Creek; beg at pine on Roger Montagues Creek running down Samuel Williams’ line  to pine on head of Isaac Jacksons Creek,  to center of three trees on Roger Montagues Creek, along creek to 1st. Land purchased by sd Lawson from John Wingate 1 Apr 1718 AD. Excepted from the sale all Tar Kilns now set and lightwood for Tar Kilns. 5 Apr 1720. John (J) Lawson. Wit: Richard Bright, Henry Bright, J White.


Bath Co. Roger Monteage to Richard Harvey, both of Bath Co for £6 5s 150 acres called Long Neck on North Dividing Creek on N side Pamptico River; beg at pine at head of Long Neck Creek running N to red oak, 10 Dec 1723 Dec 1723, 8 King George. Roger (R) Monteage. Wit: Peter Harvey, Lazarus (L?) Homes, Samuel Norton. Ack Jan Ct 1723/4 for Beaufort & Hyde Precincts by Monteage and ordered registered. Jno Baptista Ash, Cl Cur. Reg 2 Mar 1723/4. (1835 Report: There are several blanks in the transcribed records o fthis deed, in the covenants, which are illegible in the old record.)



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