Surls/Searles family of Beaufort County (Chocowinity) / Craven County area

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This query was submitted August 30, 2016:

As of the 1850 Beaufort County Census (Chocowinity), his widow “Lucretia Surls” age 50 appears with her children:

  • Son “Mential” (Marshall) 20-21 (my great grandfather)
  • Daughter Jemsesy/Jamesy 18
  • Daughter – Ellen 15
  • Boarder/laborer – Robert Whitley 50.

Lucretia and her husband show as “Covenant and Litia Searls” on Marshall’s May 31, 1868 NC marriage document.

That’s the only resource I can find a semblance of his first name. I believe Covenant (misspelling: was Coventon or Covington), was descended from Coventon Searles (1753-1814) and his wife Dorcas, a well documented couple as well as their offspring. OR my Coventon was a direct descendant of Covington Searles 1715-?; (Covington being the father of Coventon married to Dorcas).

Only some possibilities found in the Beaufort/Craven 1830-40 Censuses but nothing definitive. Need to find the link between my Coventon (born about 1800 or before (?) ) to this Searles clan.

If you have any information that might be helpful to this researcher, please comment below.


  1. Marilyn

    I am the author and didn’t realize the space limit. First name:Covenant/Covington Surname:Searles/Surls/Sirls/etc born about 1800 or before. Wife: Lucretia/Litia (no maiden name) (she shows in the 1850 Beaufort Cty census). What male was HE descended from in the Covington/Coventon Searles clan of Beaufort Cty?

    • Sara Whitford

      A new form is in place now for queries. There shouldn’t be space limits on the query fields now. Please let me know if you run into any problems.


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