Williams Family of Calvert County, Maryland and Craven County, North Carolina

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I am searching for information on the WILLIAMS family of Calvert County, MD.

I just learned that an ancestor, Talbott WILLIAMS (b. abt 1750 in Maryland, d. 1820 Craven County, NC) was born in Maryland, and he was listed in the Assessment of Calvert County in 1783 with the following two pieces of property:

Talbott Williams. Swinsons Adventure, pt, 82 3/4 acres. CV 2nd District, p. 23. MSA S 1161-3-2 1/4/5/46

Talbott Williams. Friendship Rectified, pt. CV 2nd District, p. 23. MSA S 1161-3-2 1/4/5/46

I know that he was in North Carolina by 1786 when he showed up on a tax list in the Swift Creek area of Pitt County (not far from modern-day Vanceboro).

By 1790, he was living in Swift Creek (Vanceboro), Craven County, NC. He died in 1820.

His wife was Nancy (Last Name Unknown) and his children were:

  • Caroline ‘Kitty’ Williams 1780 – bef 1860 (married Laban Morris of Craven County)
  • Sarah ‘Sally’ Williams 1785 – 1870 (moved to Posey Co., Indiana)
  • Nancy Williams 1789 – unknown
  • Mary Williams 1790 – unknown
  • Levi Williams 1792 – unknown
  • William Williams 1794 – unknown (was in Craven County until at least 1830)
  • Zachariah Williams 1795 – aft 1850  (moved to Posey Co., Indiana)
  • Joseph Williams 1798 – aft 1880  (moved to Posey Co., Indiana)

I would appreciate any information that anyone could share.

Thank you.


  1. Edgar Williams

    Talbott Williams is my Great-great-great-great grandfather through his son Zachariah who married Nancy Marker and moved to Posey County, IN. One of Zachariah & Nancy’s sons, Talbot (who was court martialed during the civil war for stealing a chicken) died incarcerated in Fort Jefferson in the Dry Tortugas off the coast of Florida.

    • Sara Whitford

      Edgar – Thank you so much for writing! I apologize for not replying to this sooner. So we share an ancestor in Talbott Williams, then. 🙂 I have read a bit about some of his children moving to Posey County, Indiana. In fact, there was a letter written by Turner Nelson from Posey County back to Craven County, NC in which he mentions some of Talbott’s children. Are you familiar with that? – Sara

    • Sara Whitford

      Ed – I’ve been doing some research and I wanted to mention that your ancestor, Zachariah Williams, married Nancy MANKER, not Nancy MARKER. There were no families with the name Marker living in the Swift Creek area at that time, but there were MANKERs. After taking a closer look at the marriage bond, I’m convinced it’s Manker and not Marker.

      • Ed williams

        Oh , thanks. I’ll check that out. Sorry for time lag,I just saw your reply.

  2. Randy Jones

    Dear Sara, I may be related Talbot Williams, He might be my GGG Grandfather if the info I have is correct. It states
    Zachariah Williams b.1796- d.before 1855 ,son of Talbot Williams 1750-1830 and Nancy Ann Gardner 1764-aft 1820
    married Nancy Elizabeth Hitchcock May 12,1824 New Bern,Craven, North Carolina.

    • Randy Jones

      OOPS! Nancy Hitchcock is from a different Williams family from Virginia, unrelated to Talbot.


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