1775 Pitt County Tax List (Index with original images)

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I’ve been meaning to get around to making an index and posting the images from the 1775 Pitt County Tax List (and other tax lists) ever since the State Library of North Carolina Digital Collections published the documents to their site. It’ll be slow going, but at least here’s this one. If you’d like to access the tax list at the North Carolina Digital Collections site, click here. I’ve just tried to post this in a super user-friendly way.

With the exception of the last company, all of the names also have information about the following*:

  • Whole numbers of souls
  • White males from 16 to 50
  • White males above 50
  • White males under 16
  • White Women
  • Female White Children
  • Black Male Slaves Taxeables
  • Black Female Salves Taxeables
  • Slaves not Taxeable

*The first page of Henry Ellis’ company was missing the White males above 50 category.

Please note, if you click on any of the images below it will bring up a gallery. To see the full sized image, just scroll down a bit in the gallery and you should see a link in the lower right-hand corner that says View full size.

Capt. Henry Ellis Company

  • Henry ELLIS
  • Arthur FORBES
  • Samuel STAFFORD
  • Ann FORBES
  • Joseph FORBES
  • Ann TISON
  • Asahel FARMER
  • Benja. SMITH
  • Roger ALLEN
  • Zacharian ALLEN
  • Philip RYLAND?

  • Mary ELLIS
  • William BALDWIN
  • Nath. LANIER
  • Thomas WILLIAMS
  • William PEEBLES
  • Laurance KERWIN?
  • Edmund TISON
  • Levi MOORE
  • Philip PIPKIN
  • Aaron TISON

  • Luke TURNAGE
  • George WOLFINDEN
  • Moses HART
  • Sarah TURNAGE
  • Charity TURNAGE
  • George TISON
  • William HART
  • Mark MOORE
  • William TURNAGE
  • Benjamin BARROWS
  • George MOYE

  • Moses TISON
  • George DIKES
  • Solomon SPEIRS
  • Saml HUZZY
  • William ELLIS
  • Paul ALLEN
  • Jehew TISON
  • William BELL
  • George BLAND
  • Jesse MOORE
  • Jonathan TISON
  • Arthur MOORE
  • Arthur MOORE junr.

  • Shadrack MOORE
  • Isaac GIDDINS
  • John LESLIE?
  • Ann DIXON
  • George FALCONER
  • Anne PETTIT
  • Thos. HARDEE
  • Hardee NELSON
  • Jehew LOW
  • Edward SIRMAN

  • John CANADA
  • John ENLOE
  • Thomas GOFF
  • Patience TISON
  • Bathena OGLESBEE
  • William JOHNSON
  • Jer. Ambler? JOHNSON
  • William TISON

Capt. Stancil

(Gracious… Between the handwriting and some of the unusual names, I struggled with getting all of these right. Please refer to the images and maybe you can make out what they say.)

  • Godfrey STANSELL
  • Chas. G. WALDRAM?
  • James MAYO Junr.
  • Samuel WAREN
  • Samuel WHITLOW?
  • Batson WHITNEY?
  • Joel NICHOLS
  • Jonas? BROWN
  • Peter MAYO
  • James MAYO Sen.
  • William HOPKINS
  • William OSBURN
  • John WORSLEY

  • William NICHOLS
  • Henerey JENKINS
  • Benjamin WILSON (or WILKIN?)
  • John WHITNES?
  • John BROWN
  • Frances CHRIS?
  • James CATANHED?
  • William NICHOLS
  • Abel THOMAS
  • John WINDOM
  • Benjamin WINDOM
  • Flower SUMERELL
  • Solomon WINDAM
  • Robert MEEKS

  • Mathew TUTEN?
  • James AVRET (James AVERETT)
  • John PAGE
  • Jesse SUMERELL
  • Robert WILLIAMS
  • L? ANDRUS?
  • Thomas WHITLOW
  • Solomon CHERREY
  • William MAYO
  • Johnathan TAYLOR
  • John TAYLOR
  • John COOK
  • James EDMONSON

  • Stephen CADER
  • Isaac FROG?
  • John BOWING
  • Reuben MANING
  • Joseph WILLIAMS
  • Thomas CARSON
  • Thomas COOK
  • Arther OLDS
  • Daniel GUNTEN?
  • ??? BRYAN
  • William TAYLOR


Capt. Lanier

  • Matthew STURDIVANT
  • James LANIER
  • James LOCKHART
  • Samll TRUSS?
  • Sterling DUPREE
  • Benjamin DUPREE
  • Lavard? POWERS
  • Chas. EDWARDS
  • Allen SUGG
  • Abrah TYSONs Estate
  • Joel SUGG
  • Richd ELLIS
  • Edward HANEKEN
  • Shadrack WILLIAMS
  • John WOOTEN

  • Edward WILLIAMS
  • James DUPREE
  • Richd BR?????
  • Timothey HARRIS
  • Richd WILLIAMS
  • John TYSON Jr.

  • William TANTON?
  • Thos DIXON
  • Roderick WILLIAMS
  • Robert WILLIAMS
  • negor woman and child (I’m not sure why this was written and then scratched out. Maybe this was a free woman of color and she wouldn’t have been taxed based on the numbers in her household.)
  • Peter STANSELL
  • Tho. TISON
  • Richd JORDEN

  • James JOHNSTON
  • Nathl LANIER
  • John CORBET
  • Thos TYSON
  • Meredith CORBET
  • David POWERS
  • Jas JOHNSON Sr.
  • Richd ALLEN
  • Samuel BULLOCK
  • James WILLIAMS
  • Benja COOPER
  • Thomas DUPREE
  • Roderick WILLIAMS


Capt. William Burney

I’m not sure if Capt. Burney didn’t get the memo about how he was supposed to do this, or if he just decided this made more sense to him, but he did the age categories a bit differently. You can see this in the images. (He did his whole census on one gigantic page!)

  • White Males of age
  • W. M. under age
  • White Female of age
  • White Female Under Age
  • Black Male of age
  • Black Male under age
  • Black Female under age
  • Capt. W. BURNEY
  • James BROOKS
  • Charles TAYLOR
  • William TAYLOR
  • John MAY
  • Archibald ADDAMS
  • John HARDEE
  • Eli? COX
  • Nazbey MILLS Jun.
  • Nazbey MILLS Senr.
  • Andrew HARDEY
  • Daniel WILLSON
  • Richd. ALBRITTON
  • James HANDER???
  • Aleck DANIELS
  • Isaac BUCK
  • Will TRAVIS
  • Isaac MILLS
  • Sampson SLAUGHTER
  • Ezechiah MCAFEE (Hezekiah McAfee?)
  • Joshua PUTNELL
  • Michael MOSS
  • George WILLIAMS
  • John STOCKES Senr.  (John Stokes?)
  • Lemuel CHERRY
  • David MILLS
  • Fredk. MILLS
  • Isaac STOCKES
  • Isaac BROOKS
  • John BROOKS
  • Samuel CANNON
  • John CANNON
  • Thomas HARDEY (Hardee)
  • Thomas GRAGER
  • John HADDICK (Haddock)
  • George McGOWEN
  • William CANNON
  • John MOY
  • Peter MOSS?
  • Pearson TUTEN
  • John STOCKS Junr.
  • William WILLIAMS
  • David WILLIAMS
  • Simon BURNEY
  • William HANDCOCKS
  • Harry SMITH
  • Samuel KIGHT
  • John AVARY
  • Thomas SMITH
  • Stewart GORDEN
  • Robert HARDEY
  • Isah. HARDEY
  • Lemuel SIMMONS
  • Benjamin ALLEN
  • William KING
  • Jesse KING
  • Starkey BELL
  • Benjamin CORY
  • William McLawhorn?
  • Thomas ENGLISH
  • John MILLS Senr.
  • John MILLS Junr.
  • Thomas TUTON
  • Thomas ALBRITTON
  • Isaac HARDEY
  • Joseph STEPHENS
  • Abraham ADDAMS
  • Isaac NOBELS
  • Margaret TANNER
  • John SIMPSON

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  1. royce adams

    Sara Whitford: Thank you for posting this info on the web. I have been researching my Adams family since abt 1990. I’m now almost 75 and considering stopping my research. Been tracing the Adams’ from Norfork,Va thur Bath, Beaufort, Craven , Pitt Counties into Mississippi, and into Texas now days where my line lives. Your posting of Capt. Wm. Burney in the 1770’s was a great big help. Thanks again, Royce Adams (rda1829@aol.com).


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